Do Inactive Molds Need to be Removed?

Dry mold spores, without moisture, are much lighter than their active counterparts. This makes them easily transported through the air, spreading to other areas of the house and polluting them. Inactive mold may not have a musty smell, but visually, active and inactive mold can be very different. Active mold in the early stages has hair-like filaments in the nets, which take on a bushier appearance as the flower matures.

Inactive mold is dry and powdery, and the surface layer can generally be easily removed from the surface with a brush. However, it can be easily activated if the right environmental conditions exist. Mold can also cause stains on materials, which can be permanent even after the mold has been removed. The biggest danger of mold that is hidden in walls but inactive is that it can be reactivated if exposed to moisture.

It is important to repair any problems that have allowed spores to enter that region of the home and remedy them, so that the risk of reactivation is low. It is best to let professionals take care of eliminating dead mold in your home to avoid problems and adverse health effects. The health effects of mold can be acute due to high short-term exposures or chronic due to long-term exposure at lower levels. While everyone responds to mold in their own way, countless studies show how dangerous it can be. Mold spores are everywhere and reach the home through clothing, shoes, and the bursts of air that carry them indoors.

To avoid a future infestation, it is essential to completely eradicate the spores and contaminated materials. Once exposed to favorable growing environments, mold will start to grow again, but it will be a while before you know it. It is important for an expert to remove mold, rather than using bleach or hydrogen peroxide, to avoid dead mold and its adverse health effects. Dead mold can cause asthma attacks in people with asthma and infections in people with a weakened or weakened immune system. If you suspect that you have black mold, which is also called toxic black mold, you should hire professional mold removers to take proper care of it.

Even if you cut off the water or moisture supply to a mold infestation, it won't just “go away”. Mold will hide anywhere it's allowed and can lie dormant for a long time waiting for the right environment to grow.

Cassie Ulery
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