How Much Does It Cost to Clean Mold on Walls?

You may be able to clean small areas of mold yourself, but the safest approach is to hire a professional. Fast removal will keep your remediation costs much lower. Most businesses charge per square foot for smaller infestations. However, if a major mold problem affects an entire room, such as after a flood or fire, they may charge a full price for repairing that room.

While most or all of the rooms in a home may be affected by a serious infestation, it is unlikely that every inch of the interior will be affected, so costs are not always indicative of treating the total interior square footage. However, the square footage of a home's interior doesn't always take into account the square footage of walls and ceilings, so it's not a good individual comparison for dealing with a specific size of a house. The home may only need 1,200 square feet to be treated or may need more if all the walls of the house are affected, but this is less likely. The table below shows the different size options for the move and their respective costs depending on square footage. Mold naturally exists in the air inside and outside your home.

It's impossible to completely “remove” all mold from inside a building. Microscopic spores still exist even after the problem has been addressed. Remediation is the process of cleaning and eliminating colonies and growth on surfaces inside your home. It helps bring mold levels back to what is considered normal for your area and air humidity levels. Because it's impossible to guarantee the removal of all mold from a building, most companies offer remediation, cleaning, and problem elimination services in your home.

Often, the first sign of a mold infestation is a musty smell. Since most infestations start small, odor is often the determining factor that indicates the presence. Other signs include visible growth on walls and other surfaces and stains on walls or ceilings. Another sign of mold infestation is if you have increased allergy symptoms indoors. If you detect or suspect mold, you can hire a remediation company to complete the tests, confirm its presence and offer you a solution.Self-made mold removal is only recommended for areas less than 50 square feet.

If it is larger, you should seek professional help. However, mold growth after a flood may not be covered, so always talk to your insurance company. That said, even if it seems that mold only covers a small area, you should always call a professional to inspect it, to ensure that there is no additional mold hiding behind walls or floors and to determine how harmful it is. Servpro can also offer discounts to customers who use its water restoration services or other services to eliminate mold. The cleaning process involves removing water, water damage and mold and cleaning the area thoroughly.

That is why it is essential to know how much it costs to eliminate mold in order to be able to budget accordingly for its elimination. This can include getting rid of mold, but not always if it has been left for too long and the mold has spread outside the area. A smaller confined area, such as a mezzanine, has fewer square feet and is less expensive than the presence of mold in a large area of drywall (1) that must be removed. Mold removal is a multi-step process that varies depending on the area, the size of the mold infestation, and the surfaces affected. To avoid such a high expense of eliminating mold throughout the house, call a professional as soon as you suspect mold.

Depending on whether the mold is on the surface, some of the roofing material may need to be removed and replaced. It depends on the person's sensitivity, whether that person has a mold allergy, the type of mold and the level of exposure. The table and subsections below describe popular mold removal services, their average costs, and what each one entails. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends removing mold yourself only if it covers less than 10 square feet. Mold growth in the basement often occurs due to problems with the foundation's sealant, so addressing them can help prevent mold from infesting your home. When mold has spread throughout your home, your total mold remediation bill will increase dramatically.

If the mold is visible, it is confirmed, so the process begins with an evaluation and inspection to find the mold and its source.

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